Succession Planning for Nonprofits with Xanthus Consulting

I’ve met many leaders of nonprofits who say succession planning is a luxury for which they don’t have enough time. I understand—I’ve walked in their shoes before. Yet, I consider succession planning as one of the greatest gifts you can give to the community you serve.

People are your most important resource. Without investing in the people who your organization depends on to achieve its mission, how will you serve your community when there are leadership transitions?

What are you doing to identify, develop, and retain your leadership? Did you know that 73% of nonprofits have no executive succession plan, and even fewer boards have board leadership transition plans? A well-thought-out succession plan leads to smooth and effective leadership transitions throughout the organization, not just the chief executive.

Together, we can create a succession plan that gives you and your board the peace of mind that comes with knowing how you will respond to leadership transitions rather than scrambling to come up with a plan when the unexpected happens. Contact me or schedule a 30-minute consultation to get started today.

Until then, for more information about Succession Planning, download my list of resources.