Leadership Transition for Non-Profit Organizations with Xanthus Consulting

From the uncertainty of how a transition will impact goals and aspirations to a complete discomfort with the unknown, change can illicit fear in even the most seasoned professionals. Yet, transitions can be a time of discovery and growth, and change can result in greater opportunities. A trained interim executive lays the groundwork for a successful executive search and onboarding process.

I bring 30 years of nonprofit leadership experience and training in assessment, change management, and interim leadership to facilitate not-for-profit executive and organizational transition. Whether the transition is because of the impending departure of an executive or the desire to proactively engage in developing an intentional pathway for leadership development and transition, together, we create a stronger, more resilient organization.

At Xanthus Consulting, I can help with interim executives, succession planning, and more. Contact me or schedule a 30-minute consultation to get started today.